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VR has the power to transform learning for students: not just travelling to new worlds, they can have experiences that teach empathy, see impossible sights, and learn beyond the classroom

- Ben Adams, co-founder

Unlike other options out there, Ben & Eric really understand what teachers need to use technology in the classroom. They provided the tools, the materials, & the expertise to make our workshop a success.

- Jane Randstead, EdD

VR 4 Teaching Offerings

Monkey Mind

Students learn meditation
and mindfulness

Atlantis 13

An Undersea adventure teaching communication for teams & learners

Fly Around!

simple introduction to
Virtual Reality

Delivery Methods

Classroom in a Box

Try out our software without the heavy investment in hardware or effort! All the necessary technology and materials arrive, configured and ready to go!

Instructor-led Workshop

For a fixed price, have a professional visit your school or team and run one or more sessions. All you need to do is schedule the meeting, we take care of the rest!

Or purchase our software on the Oculus Store!

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